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Clearing The 90-Day Hurdle — an integrated process to support leaders-in-transition

Clearing the 90-Day Hurdle is a powerful, comprehensive “leadership onboarding” process supported by research into what works — and how things go off the rails.

The Process

Knowledge Transfer — What works well during the critical first 90-days after a promotion or joining a new company

Content consulting accelerates the orientation process:

  • What to do: what the research says about successful behaviours
  • How to do it: exercises to develop the necessary skills
  • It’s like having a little bird on the new leader’s shoulder, providing helpful advice each step of the way

- PLUS -

Supporting the WHOLE Person

Coaching supports the whole leader in their personal context:

  • Personal style, strengths and development needs
  • Emotional reactions, natural dissonance after honeymoon period
  • Stress of cultural adjustment, role pressures
  • Values alignment
  • Family impact, reactions

Putting it All Together

How To:

  • Negotiate expectations with key stakeholders
  • Identify opportunities for early wins
  • Build your plan/ establish your vision
  • Assess the strength of your team
  • Team building techniques that WORK
  • Avoid speed bumps that knock new leaders off the rails

Integrate the learning:

  • Adapt successful transition techniques to personal style
  • Enhance communication skills to build relationships
  • Provide a safe place for personal fears & self-doubt
  • Hold up the mirror for course correction
  • Create lasting shifts in spite of challenges of first 90-days
  • Build resilience
90-Day process model

Personal Assessment Tools Included

  • Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis (DISC)
  • Personal Coaching Styles Inventory (PCSI)
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI)

Coaching Options & Formats


Ideal for executives, senior leaders

Typical Format: (readily customized)

  1. Initial meeting to clarify guiding principles with boss, sponsor
  2. Matching process of coach & leader-in-transition (coaching client)
  3. Input from recruitment firm, client organization — boss and HR
  4. Meet with leader-in-transition (coaching client)
  1. Assessments: PPA (DISC) & PCSI plus debrief
  2. Establishing expected outcomes with leader and sponsor or boss
  3. Weekly pre-scheduled coaching sessions plus consulting on Clearing the 90 Day Hurdle process during first 90 days
  4. Periodic checks against outcomes with leader & sponsor/boss
  5. Monthly follow-up coaching for next 90 days
  6. 9 month post-audit on impact of investment


Ideal for groups of professionals in similar functions

  • In-house for large organizations with sufficient new hires
  • Public sessions for smaller organizations
  • In-person workshops or teleclass format
  • Delivered in modules geared to priorities of first 90-days
  • Includes assessments and debrief
  • Opportunity to discuss shared challenges, celebrate wins and create a support network


Appropriate for all levels

  • Means of supporting self-directed learning regarding successful transitions
  • Workbook format to provide a consultant and coach in your back-pocket
  • Safe place to vent, learn and course correct
  • Options available to supplement with teleclasses or individual coaching sessions

Investment levels for all options will depend on the length and intensity of the engagement.

Getting Started

To determine whether you or your organization fit the profile of our ideal clients, check our criteria below and if there’s a fit, sign up for a complimentary consultation:

Employer Criteria

Recruiter Criteria

Leader (Coaching Client) Criteria

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Clearing the 90-Day Hurdle
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