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Newsletters by Sue Edwards

Below are some links to past newsletters published by Sue Edwards.

June 2012 Issue - Turning Sweet 16

September 2011 Issue - Feeling Brave?

February 2011 Issue - Resolution Fatigue?

June 2010 Issue - Getting Onboard

January 2010 Issue - Who Will You Be in 2010?

June 2009 Issue - How is Your Leadership Team Fulfilling Its GREATness?

May 2009 Issue - When's the Last Time...

February 2009 Issue - Flipping it in '09

December 2008 Issue - What's Your Worth?

September 2008 Issue - The Itch

July 2008 Issue - Don't Go It Alone

July 2008 Issue - Relationships First

May 2008 Issue - Bloom Where You're Planted

December 2007 Issue - Connections

October 2007 Issue - Manifesting Dreams

August 2007 Issue - Letting Go of What Got You Here

May 2007 Issue - Vulnerability is the new Charisma

March 2007 Issue - Coaching “the System”

January 2007 Issue - New You for 2007? Hmmmm…

December 2006 Issue - Tommy Can You Hear Me?

October 2006 Issue - Eagerly Awaited Events

September 2006 Issue - Ch-ch-ch-changes

June 2006 Issue - Successful Transitions for Leaders of Colour

May 2006 Issue - Celebrate Good Times

Articles by Sue Edwards

Below are some links to selected articles written by Sue Edwards. While the content is not exclusively focused on transition to a new assignment, the strategies addressed are very relevant in this timeframe.

Becoming the boss...and letting go!
(Published in 'Company' Magazine - September 2011)

The transition to the role of "boss" is one of the most significant in steps in business. It can also be a very risky time.

Read the article here (117 KB PDF)

Being Vulnerable
(Published in 'Company' Magazine - June 2011)

People often think of courage as having the strength and bravery to go into battle (conquering kingdoms and slaying dragons along the way).

Read the article here (117 KB PDF)

Networking: An Introvert's Guide
(Published in 'Company' Magazine - March 2011)

So, what’s the secret to “networking” as an Introvert?

Read the article here (117 KB PDF)

LinkedIn: No, it's not cheating on your boss
(Published in 'Company' Magazine - December 2010)

It wasn't long ago that LinkedIn was seen purely as a tool for job hunters. Employees would update their profiles under a cloak of secrecy, as if they were posting their resume on a jobboard, guiltily hoping they wouldn't get caught by their employer.

Read the article here (152 KB PDF)

No pain, no gain
(Published in 'Company' Magazine - Summer 2010)

It may be a cliché, but when it comes to personal growth and development, the phrase “no pain, no gain” has a lot of merit.

Read the article here (143KB PDF)

Stop Telling, Start Asking!
(Published in 'Company' Magazine - Spring 2010)

Getting the best out of your employees today requires a new set of skills. You need to help your employees achieve their goals, but too much "telling and pointing" will backfire.

Read the article here (436KB PDF)

Creating Your Personal Brand
(Published in 'Company' Magazine - November 2009)

“What 3 words or phrases do other people use most to describe you?”  In essence, I’m asking about your “personal brand” which is all about the qualities that others perceive you as having.

Read the article here (190 KB PDF)

Diversity Dance
(Published in 'Company' Magazine - Spring 2008)

In facilitating workshops on Valuing Diversity, it’s all too common for me to hear participants announce, “It doesn't matter whether people are white, brown, green or purple... I treat them all the same”.
Read the article here (313KB PDF)

'Tis the Season for Connecting
(Published in 'Company' Magazine - December 2007)

Despite our vast diversity as a country, the Christmas holidays seem to have a prevalent impact on shared festive spirits. Holiday lunches are expected and bosses rarely tap their watches when you return a bit late to the office.
Read the article here (2MB PDF)
Read the full magazine (14 MB PDF)

Back to Life, Back to Reality
(Published in 'Company' Magazine - Fall 2007)

The song title by Soul II Soul rings in my head when I think of both the workplace and family dynamics that accompanies Fall. After a summer of relaxed schedules and "lazy, hazy days" ...this season conjures a sense of "bucking down and getting back at it". For me, this "buckling down" is not at all a heavy feeling.
Read the article here (PDF)
Read the full magazine here (4 MB PDF)

Letting Go of What Got You Here
Sooner or later after a significant promotion, this challenge seems to hit all leaders between the eyes. Letting go of previously successful approaches is one of the most frequent coaching topics for my executive coaching clients. It’s especially a challenge when the approaches that are no longer appropriate to rely on are the very behaviours that led to the promotion.

…Click here for full article

You Gotta Be Vulnerable To Be Strong!
(excerpted from the book chapter You've Gotta' Flip It On Its Head! Four Key Strategies for Leadership Success in Awakening the Workplace 2)

In my coaching with leaders, I find they frequently discover that their long-held beliefs about what makes leaders successful flies directly in the face of what happens in real life. They demonstrate leadership characteristics based on commonly-held beliefs, such as....
Read You Gotta Be Vulnerable To Be Strong!

Reconciling Personal Branding with Authenticity
If you’ve always thought of a “brand” as essentially something that’s created by marketers to enable them to charge more for a product or and have it stand out in a crowd, then the notion of “personal branding” would seem to be completely out of alignment with a philosophy that values authenticity and being the real you.


A Promotion Can Require Letting Go of the Past
Featured in the National Post on Wednesday, July 19th (by Al Emid).
One of the typical situations you come across with a promotion is that people want to replicate what they've done in the past.   It's all about what they need to pick and what they need to let go of.


Celebrate Good Times
It's a classic tune at weddings that can generate plenty of eye rolling for those who find it too cutesy ... yet Kool and the Gang had a great message with their 1970's song title 'Celebrate Good Times'. 


Countering the Darwinian Approach to New Hire Transition
(as featured in Fulcrum Search Science newsletter, March/06)

Leading organizations make a significant investment in their attraction and selection strategies. But what happens once a prized candidate accepts a position and enters the organization? In my experience, most organizations take a Darwinian “survival of the fittest” approach, launching people into their new roles as if to say, “Let’s see if this one makes it”.


After They're Hired ... Don't File Away Those Assessments

In my work as a Leadership Coach I have found inordinate value in the use of Assessment results AFTER the selection process is complete. Once the new hire is in the new position, powerful insights can be gained from the reports, providing further value to the organization and new hires alike.


When The Road Ahead is Daunting, Look at How Far You’ve Come

How often have the challenges ahead of you been so daunting that it’s almost paralyzing? You simply can’t seem to get moving. At times like these, the best way to get forward momentum may ironically be to look behind you.


Asking for Help

For many of us, asking for help is a difficult concept. It can require a certain amount of vulnerability. We may feel as if we are admitting a weakness that the world would not have known about, had we not asked for help. Ironically, people who are able to deliver well-positioned requests for help are seen as very strong individuals.


Enhancing Your Impact

How often have you heard yourself say, "I've got so many balls in the air I don't know how I can possibly keep track of them all". This article addresses ways of achieving better impact by focusing on fulfilling a few key goals, focusing on your strengths and choosing not to do everything on your list.


Tips for Eliciting Feedback

When was the last time that you received useful feedback? Probably too long ago; few people ever feel they receive enough feedback. Yet it is also rare for people to take ownership for obtaining feedback from others.

Feedback is an important element of building self-awareness and a critical aid to personal productivity and professional development.

This article provides some tips for eliciting feedback from others and helping to ensure that you continue to receive ongoing feedback...


Collaborative Articles

My associate Gina Columna’s article on Developing Leaders of Color was recently featured in the Charlotte Observer. In the article she summarizes some of the interesting findings from our indepth interviews with leaders of color this summer.

Click here to read PDF of article

Associate Website

Leaders of Color

Website for the alliance with my colleague Gina Columna, President of G-Force. Focuses on our collaborative services to supporting the success of leaders of color as they join new organizations and progress through levels of leadership. Also, consulting services for organizations eager to build their leadership talent for tomorrow.



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