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Recruiters: Make Clearing The 90-Day Hurdle Your "Secret Weapon"

  • Increase profitability and client loyalty by offering onboarding support as a premium service.

  • Separate yourself from the pack

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Ideal candidates still face transition challenges

  • The best organizations can still enhance their support for new leaders.
  • The best candidates still benefit from Clearing 90-Day Hurdle process.
  • Offering this service is not a reflection on the quality of the candidate or the organization.
  • It’s a proactive — not a remedial — model.

Value-add for your clients and candidates

  • Differentiate your firm in the competitive recruitment marketplace: Unique offering as a premier service or folded-in for special clients.
  • Public Relations opportunity — it’s still news!
  • Strong candidate appeal: High-achieving candidates will be attracted to placements with your firm that include professional coaching.

To learn more about the 90-Day process read the transcript from a recent interview with Sue Edwards.

Do you fit our ideal partner profile?

Development by Design collaborates with recruitment firms in true partnering relationships. Check the criteria below to determine if you fit our ideal client profile.

You represent a recruitment firm that is:

  • Actively looking for new approaches to provide added-value for your clients.
  • Genuinely interested in providing the candidates you place with the critical skills, knowledge and confidential support to succeed in their transition.
  • Eager to work with your client organizations to enhance their onboarding process.
  • Well aware that a potential outcome of transition coaching is a candidate concluding that the organization or role is not an ideal fit. You see the clear value and integrity for all involved of providing a service that may result in this outcome.
  • Selective about partnering with other professionals who respect the confidentiality of your business and are committed to developing customized approaches that integrate with your existing services and reinforce your company’s brand.

If these criteria describe YOUR firm, contact us to arrange a meeting with Sue Edwards, President, to discuss your needs.

It might be the best investment you make this year.

Complete our mini-survey and receive our free self-study e-course — just one of the ways Development by Design could support the candidates that you place.

Clearing the 90-Day Hurdle
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