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Ramp Up Right!
Onboarding Group Coaching

Think of the last time you began a new job…pretty overwhelming stuff, no matter how successful you had been in your previous environment.

  • So many eyes on you.

  • So many great expectations (both yours and your new employer’s).

  • Where do you turn for support?

  • Who can you tell that there are days that you don’t even know if it was the right decision to take this job?

  • How can you find out what it takes to be successful in this new place?

Development by Design has taken the principles from our powerful Clearing the 90-Day Hurdle™ exclusive one-on-one coaching program and are now offering a more accessible group format where you can drawn on the ideas of your peers as well as the expert coaching of Sue Edwards, onboarding coaching specialist.

Gain the value of hearing from other professionals like yourself that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in experiencing the challenges of ramping up right in a new job.

Those of you who are preparing for your first professional position post-university can also benefit from this group support. Based on registration, we are even looking at establishing a separate group customized to your unique circumstances… so encourage your fellow graduates to join.

If you are interested in the Ramp Up Right! series for yourself or at your company, please  contact us.

Stay tuned...Future dates to be announced shortly for our next set of Ramp Up Right! series!

Here are some of the topics we've covered:

  • They Said They Want Your Fresh Ideas But…

  • Relationships Before Outputs

  • Staying Out of the Ditch

We had such a great series of calls, if you want to learn more about when we will run this program again let us know...

Are you currently in transition?

If you are in transition yourself, we encourage you to consider the value of our self-coaching workbook, Wow Them In Your New Job! (And Reduce Your Overwhelm)…It’s Easier Than You’d Expect.

Here’s the link more information http://www.clearingthe90dayhurdle.com/workbook.shtml

I look forward to connecting with you!

Sue Edwards, PCC, CHRP
President. Development by Design

Are you a leader in a new role?
Do you have a new leader you want to support?

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  • Gain the support of key stakeholders
  • Listen and show appreciation for the organization’s culture
  • Create early wins

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