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Ramp Up Right!
For New Grads

This is it! You’ve landed your first “career position” post-schooling. It’s time to plunge into the real world.

We have a sense of what you are facing...

  • Excitement to get actually applying all those years of schooling

  • Eagerness to contribute to the organization you’ve chosen to work for

  • Enthusiasm about learning your new role.

At the same time, you are likely asking yourself many questions...

  • Will I fit in? Will I like the people?

  • Will they have me doing “grunt work” and not contributing my true talents?

  • Will they welcome my ideas?

  • How will I learn everything I need to know?

  • Will I be able to succeed in my job?

  • What’s important for success around here?

As pumped up as you are about your new position, you are NOT ALONE in experiencing some uncertainty about how your integration will go…in wondering how to “Ramp Up Right” in your new role.

Development by Design has taken the principles from our powerful Clearing the 90-Day Hurdle™ exclusive one-on-one coaching program and is now offering a customized format that is highly accessible for new graduates.

The approach combines several different learning formats to ensure you are well-supported in ramping up well in your new role.

1. Group coaching- draw on the ideas of your peers as well as the expert coaching of Sue Edwards, onboarding coaching specialist.

2. Self-Coaching- using a workbook designed especially for new grads, gain insight into the proven success factors for employees like you who are joining a new organization. Then work with self-reflection questions and a journaling workbook to enable your own effectiveness.

3. Organizational Consulting- support is provided to you
r manager to ensure that you are transitioned effectively into your new job and your new organization.

We can also supplement this information with applicable articles, podcasts and audio tapes to support your ramp-up to success.

To learn more, contact us at info@clearingthe90dayhurdle.com

Are you currently in transition?

If you are in transition yourself, we encourage you to consider the value of our self-coaching workbook, Wow Them In Your New Job! (And Reduce Your Overwhelm)…It’s Easier Than You’d Expect.

Here’s the link more information http://www.clearingthe90dayhurdle.com/workbook.shtml


Visit our Ramp Up Right™ Onboarding Group Coaching page to learn about our other onboarding programs available. [Click Here]


Are you a leader in a new role?
Do you have a new leader you want to support?

Check out Sue Edward's new
Set-Up to Soar!

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  • Gain the support of key stakeholders
  • Listen and show appreciation for the organization’s culture
  • Create early wins

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