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It's lonely at the top... Why go it alone?

Are you a leader-in-transition who is:

  • Taking on a challenging new role?

  • Moving to a new organization and experiencing enormous pressure to perform?

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It's a fact: At least 40% of new leaders fail to meet expectations of their new role 1.

Clearing the 90-Day Hurdle is a comprehensive "leadership onboarding" process supported by research into what works and how you can go off the rails.

To learn more... see the transcript from a recent interview with Sue Edwards.

Are you a leader who is taking on a challenging new role or moving to a new organization and experiencing enormous pressure to perform?

If so, you may be asking yourself, "How can I..."

  • quickly adapt to a new industry that greatly differs from my previous experiences?
  • successfully integrate with my new team given their unique interpersonal styles?
  • stretch myself up to this new role effectively and within an efficient timeframe?
  • get support for better managing my time management and organization skills without revealing a weakness?
  • leverage my strengths in this new role and pursue my own career development goals?
  • have a "safe place" to address my concerns about this new position and this transition?
  • build my resilience during a stressful time?
  • develop a clear action plan for my first three to six months in my new role?

Our clients are leaders who are eager to partner with a professional who is committed to helping them achieve their success in their new role in a more powerful, focused, and often quicker way than they would on their own.

Find out more about this unique, proven process we call Clearing the 90-Day Hurdle.

Getting Started

Development by Design works with Clearing the 90-Day Hurdle coaching clients who are:

  • sponsored by their new employers or by the recruitment firms who place them
  • AND individuals who have chosen to make this smart investment in themselves.

Is there a fit?

Regardless of how the process is funded, our ideal coaching clients all share a number of important traits. Check the criteria below to determine if you fit our ideal coaching client profile.


  • Are passionate about your lifelong professional development
  • Are absolutely committed to setting aside the time to set yourself up for success at the front-end of your new assignment, recognizing that this investment will pay dividends in the months ahead
  • Are eager to find ways to deal with the potential overwhelm of your new position
  • Appreciate challenging conversations that inspire you to stretch towards higher goals
  • Welcome the opportunity to have candid, confidential conversations about what really matters in your new role.

If these criteria describe you, use the link below to book a meeting with Sue Edwards, President, to discuss your situation.

Many clients wisely choose to begin the Clearing the 90-Day Hurdle process BEFORE they move into their new role. Invest your time now to ensure the optimum transition!

It might be the best investment you make to support your career success!

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1 Right Management survey of 826 HR directors, 2003.

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