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  • Concerned about whether your new leaders are getting up to speed quickly enough?

  • Experiencing leadership turnover within the first year with your organization?

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Your organization is moving too fast and the competitive pressures are too great to "hand-hold" new hires. But can you afford the high cost of turnover?

  • Successful onboarding requires paying attention to both the "soft" issues as well as "hard" knowledge and skills.
  • The 90-Day Hurdle process deals with both challenges in a highly cost-effective way.

To learn more... see the transcript from a recent interview with Sue Edwards.

Not convinced? See what the research says.

What you should know:

  • Investing a fraction of the recruitment costs to support a senior leader’s transition into an organization is a sound investment.
  • A 20% improvement in ramp-up time for a senior executive typically covers the investment in transition support.
  • Organizations spend on outplacement more readily than they invest up front!

What's in it for you:

1. Create positive impact on the bottom line:

  • Productivity levels reached faster
  • Prevention of leadership derailment
  • Fewer people leaving for the wrong reasons

2. Enhance your Employer of Choice positioning:

  • Demonstrate tangible investment in your talent
  • Appealing perquisite to include in your talent attraction offer
  • Opportunity to stand out among the crowd; it’s still a fresh idea!

3. Acknowledge the new employee as a whole individual:

  • Strong fit with Wellness strategy
  • Beyond lip service commitment to work/family focus
  • Demonstrates recognition that this is a challenging time
  • Provides a safe place for confidential discussions
  • Positive impact at work and outside of work


Development by Design collaborates with our client organizations in true partnering relationships. Check the criteria below to determine if you fit our ideal client profile.

You represent an organization that is:

  • Committed to making a responsible investment in the successful transtion of your new talent
  • Interested in leveraging professional transition support services to enhance your external branding
  • Eager to enhance your existing orientation and onboarding services and ensure that any new resources provided will complement your existing services
  • Selective about partnering exclusively with external providers who respect the uniqueness of your internal culture, business strategies and external positioning.

If these criteria describe YOUR firm, use the link below to book a meeting with Sue Edwards, President, to discuss your needs.

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See the research report "Clearing the 90-Day Hurdle: Success Factors and Derailers for Leaders Transitioning into Organizations"

Clearing the 90-Day Hurdle
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