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Wow Them In Your New Job!
An invaluable 40-page self-coaching workbook chock full of tips and exercises


  • Build effective onboarding programs

  • The first 90 days in a new role, or with a new employer, present significant challenge and involve great risk

  • Setting leaders up for success in these new roles is key!

Sue Edwards, President

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Some hard lessons about hiring and promoting corporate leaders:

Fact #1. 40% of new leaders fail to meet expectations of management in their new role 1.

Fact #2. Cost of turnover is extraordinary! (200 to 250% of annual compensation for senior positions is typical)

Fact #3. The "Soft Costs" of unsuccessful transitions create a huge negative impact that ripples throughout the organization:

  • Lack of credibility in selection process, decision-makers
  • Negative impact on team morale and employee engagement
  • Disruption to productivity
  • Lack of direction / inconsistent direction

Fact #4. Even exceptional new hires commonly struggle with:

  • Uncertainty in the new environment
  • Lack of clarity of expectations
  • A sense of being overwhelmed
  • Feelings of isolation

...reducing their ability to be effective in the critical first 90-days.

What can YOU do about it?

There is a need for a process to invest in the success of the new hire called ‘onboarding’. Onboarding is a comprehensive plan to guide new employees through the first several months in their new role.  We work with employers, recruiters and the new leaders to develop a comprehensive onboarding or transition strategy.

  • Employers: Build on your reputation as an employer of choice, demonstrate commitment to your new hires and enhance their ramp-up time and effectiveness.
  • Recruiters: Increase profitability, differentiate your firm with a premium service, and enhance client loyalty.
  • Leaders-in-transition: Get the support you need to successfully Clear the 90-Day Hurdle and reduce your overwhelm.

1 Right Management survey of 826 HR directors, 2003.

Clearing the 90-Day Hurdle
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